Handmade Rosaries created from your custom Rosary design!

Choose from our wide selection of crucifixes, centers, and Rosary beads. We also offer engraved Rosary centers, name Rosaries, and birthstone Rosaries personalized by decade, allowing you to create a truly personalized heirloom Rosary. Your custom Rosary design will then be hand crafted just for you.

Handmade Rosaries

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Handmade Rosaries

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Birthstone Rosary

Swarovski Birthstone Rosary beads

Choose the birthstone
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Our Father bead

Rosary Guide CD and DVD

How to pray the Rosary Guide Rosary CD and Rosary DVD

Personalized Name Rosary

Personalized name Rosary with letter beads

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Why buy a handmade Rosary from Design My Rosary?

Handmade Rosary Quality

When you purchase a handmade Rosary you can be assured that your Rosary was crafted with a close attention to detail. When we make your Rosary every eyepin is closed by hand and every crucifix and Rosary center is visually inspected before being added to your Rosary. The quality Rosaries that we offer cannot be found in mass produced machine made Rosaries. You can take joy in knowing that when you purchase a Rosary from Design My Rosary that it was Handmade especially for you! Want to know what our customers say about our Rosary quality, read Design My Rosary Customer Reviews.

Handmade Rosary Strength

One of our biggest disappointments in store bought machine made Rosaries has been the weakness of the eyepins that hold them together. These Rosaries often stand up to little use before breaking. When we began Design My Rosary we searched for a supplier that could provide us beautiful pins that also had a higher gauge and stiffness. After searching and testing many different pins we found the eyepins we use today, which look beautiful and give us confidence in the strength of our Rosaries.

Handmade Rosary Customization

We provide a completely customizable Rosary designed by you! You choose your Rosaries center, crucifix, Hail Mary beads, Our Father Beads, and findings to make the exact Rosary you have been looking for. You can also customize your Rosary by choosing and engravable Rosary center, adding names to your Rosary, or creating a personalized birthstone Rosary.

Support a Catholic Family Business

When you buy a Rosary from Design My Rosary you are supporting a Catholic family. Our family Rosary business has provided us new and unique opportunities to teach our children about the faith, the Blessed Mother, and the Holy Rosary. Our Children have also inspired us to produce Pray the Rosary DVD and Pray the Rosary CD to help families like ours pray the family Rosary. When you buy a Rosary from Design My Rosary you get more than a quality handmade Rosary, you get the joy of supporting a Catholic family business.


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